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Matcha Steamed Buns

Fluffy and soft Japanese matcha steamed buns using rice flour so these steamed buns are gluten-free, on top of being delicious, and also not too sweet.

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Chai Po Neng - Preserved Radish Omelette

Five ingredients are all you need to prepare Chinese preserved radish omelette (chai po neng) at home. Use vegetable stock for a vegetarian friendly dish.

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Black Sesame Seeds Bread

Ground toasted black sesame seeds and sugar make the nuttiest bread filling (without nuts!), and the spiral shape of the bread makes it too pretty to eat.

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Sausage Bread

How to bake Chinese bakery style sausage bread with my easy recipe, with detailed step-by-step guide to create the braid shape for the sausage bread.

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Ham and Mayonnaise Bread Rolls

How to bake Asian bakery style ham and mayonnaise bread with nori seaweed sprinkles, with detailed step-by-step guide to shaping the bread roll.

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Almond Bread Rolls

Soft fluffy Asian bakery style bread rolls with sweet and crunchy ground almond paste filling. Almond can be substituted with peanuts, or sesame seeds.

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