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Es Cendol

Learn how to make cendol with my step-by-step guide. Don't forget the pandan infused coconut milk and palm sugar syrup to enjoy your homemade ice cendol.

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Homemade Tempeh

Learn how to make Indonesian tempeh with my complete step-by-step guide, with a detailed explanation to culture tempeh, and tricks to dehull soybean skins.

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Rendang Sapi Padang - Padang Style Beef Rendang

Recreate the world's most delicious food (beef rendang) in your kitchen. Now you don't have to visit Indonesia or Malaysia to sample authentic rendang.

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白糖糕 Bai Tang Gao - Steamed Rice Cake

Rice flour, sugar, and instant yeast are the only three ingredients you need to prepare this classic Chinese steamed rice cake (bai tang gao), and a steamer!

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Tori Misoyaki Miso Glazed Grilled Chicken

Tori misoyaki is Japanese grilled chicken with a miso-mirin glaze. Don't forget to prepare the onion miso soy sauce to serve with the grilled chicken.

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Malaysian Assam Fish Curry

Learn how to cook Malaysian assam fish curry that tastes just like the one served in Malaysian Mamak stalls. Don't forget to serve this with steamed rice.

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