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Bubur Kacang Hijau - Mung Bean Sweet Porridge

The smell of orange peel wafting in the air while the mung bean soup is cooking away is simply divine and turns the humble mung bean into a dessert fit for kings (or at least me and Piti anyway). My Mom always uses dried orange peel, but I prefer using fresh ones since it is less of a hassle (she dried her own orange peels!) and I find the end result more fragrant anyway. But I did find some Asian stores selling packaged dried orange peels, so it can be handy to use that when fresh oranges are not available.

Bubur Kacang Hijau - Mung Bean Sweet Porridge

Bubur Kacang Hijau - Mung Bean Sweet Porridge

Author: Anita Jacobson




Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook Time: 1 hour 30 mins

Total Time: 1 hour 35 mins

Serves: 4


  • 100 gram mung bean (Indonesian: kacang hijau), washed and drained
  • orange peel from 1 orange
  • 1 1/2 liter water
  • 100 gram sugar


  1. Place mung bean, orange peel, and water in a soup pot and bring to a boil. Cook until the bean has started to burst.
  2. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour until the bean is tender and almost thoroughly falls apart.
  3. Add sugar and stir until fully dissolved. Turn off the heat.
  4. Divide into serving bowls and serve immediately.

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