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Chinese Recipes

Steamed Tofu

Quick and easy 10 minutes Chinese steamed tofu with garlic, scallion, and soy sauce that is vegan friendly and gluten-free, and prepared in a microwave.

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Vegetables and Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa Salad

My Mom brought me bak kwa from Bee Cheng Hiang the other day. I was at a lost of what I to do with it until my little brother posted a photo of a scrumptious…

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

One of the most ubiquitous dish sold in every Chinatown around the globe and it is a popular choice for lunch. I know of places that serve just this on their…

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Dang Gui and Shiitake Chicken

Another hand me down recipe from my Mom, which I absolutely love. My Mom likes to serve this as part of her must have dishes in our family Chinese New Year…

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Three Cup Chicken - San Bei Ji

Three cup chicken, or San Bei Ji in Chinese, is a very popular dish. Legend says that the original chef use one cup each of sesame oil, Chinese wine, and soy…

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Bok Choy and Fish Ball Soup

Back in college days when I was strapped for time to cook and the grocery stores sorely lacked dedicated Asian food ingredients, this was my go to soup.…

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Garlic Ginger Chili Sauce

This garlic ginger chili sauce goes perfectly with Hainanese chicken rice. You can make this sauce using chilies, garlic, ginger, and rice vinegar.

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Steamed Chicken

Easy to prepare, cook, and always a crowd pleaser. I find that steaming is a more reliable method to get succulent chicken, plus the resulting broth is so…

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