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Malaysian Recipes

Malaysian Assam Fish Curry

One of my happy food memories in Malaysia is to visit the Mamak stall. The crazy amount of good food to be had at very reasonable price is just unbelievable.…

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Ayam Prune Pedas - Braised Spicy Chicken with Prunes

For Indonesian like myself, I consider Malaysian ayam prune pedas as having a similar characteristic to Indonesian semur. Both dishes use copious amount of soy…

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Ayam Percik Malaysia - Malaysian Grilled Chicken in Spices (Baked Version)

It’s grill time people! Or, for an even easier option, use the oven to make this super delicious ayam percik Malaysia (Malaysian grilled chicken in…

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Bak Kut Teh - Pork Ribs in Spices and Herbal Soup

How to prepare bak but teh from scratch (no need to use prepackaged spices) just like the one you find in Malaysia or Singapore.

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