Daily Cooking Quest

Bean Recipes

Fried Tempeh with Chili Sauce

I find that tempeh is best when they are cut to thin slices and deep fried, and this dish is no exception. The addition of chili, ginger, lime and caramelized…

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Tahu Tempeh Bacem

For my more keen readers, you are probably getting to the conclusion that a lot of Indonesian dishes are cooked in two steps, the first involves…

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Soy Bean Pudding

Growing up, my childhood home was frequented by a lot of hawker vendors passing by the neighborhood yelling out wares from the top of their lungs.…

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Sundays used to mean waking up early to watch Doraemon series in the television. It is an incredible story about a blue robot cat from the future who can…

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Sweet Red Bean Paste

Azuki-an, or sweet red bean paste, is a very common filling used in Japanese and Chinese desserts. Anpan (red bean bread), dorayaki (red bean pancakes), manju,…

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